Heritage is priceless. We cannot afford to let it go and I am convinced that, the visitors of this site share the same view with me. Common Cultural Heritage is a vital part of our identity that revealed a sense of who we are in the society. Therefore, preservation of our Cultural and Natural Heritage is an essential part of safeguarding a sense of identification to a large extent.

We live in changing times. The economy is changing, the government is changing, and the climate also is changing due to new technology and other factors. The answer to this exponential development is not simple trying to keep up with it or to catch up with it. The answer is to search inward and deeply in order to clarify the innermost values in a Cultural Heritage that is really ours. As the French author, Andre Malraux once said ‘’who want to read in the future, must scroll in the past.’’ There is a deep resonance in Malraux’s words, even in our society today. To prepare for the future, we must look to the past, study the roots of our civilization and become conscious of History ‘’A man without history, is a man without identity.’’

Conserving our Cultural Heritage such as historical monuments, our paintings, and our natural significant landscape that is not an easy task. Our Cultural and Natural Heritage in the 21st Century is threatened by various factors such as climate change, air pollutions, politics, conflict, insurgency etc. It is upon these challenges that, African Heritage Initiative came into being as a Non-Profit Organization to safeguard Cultural Heritage.

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